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BlackSun System

Black sun system
The BlackSUN System is designed to offer a simple, innovative, and immersive game system, which can be used to manage any setting and any type of RPG genre, be it Fantasy, HorrorSci-fiModern, or other. It is therefore what we call a setting-neutral RPG system. We, like many other role players, are passionate about countless films, books, video games, and at the same time we are fascinated by the folklore, history, and legends of the peoples of the earth. Therefore, it was our goal from the beginning to offer a modular system that can be used for any narrative needs.

Do you want to embody a survivor aboard an interstellar spaceship that transports families and civilians selected to colonize a new planetary system?

Or do you want to feel the thrill of being a small-time scam-artist who, while trying to steal a car, runs into the daughter of the owner, an unsatisfied provincial girl, giving rise to an unexpected criminal career?

Are you curious about the possibility of living in a uchronic version of the New York of the Roaring 20s, where you have to navigate between thundering engines, shootings, police raids and The Plague that has turned most of the population into zombies?

Or, in a land dominated by magic and shaken by a prophecy announcing the end of time, will you have the courage to answer the call and change the fate of the world?

We have put all our passion and experience in the field of role-playing games into creating a system that we believe, without any presumption, elegantly manages the balance between ease of learning and the capability to explore the characters growth that makes each session of play excitingaddicting, and unique.

The BlackSUN System is a pen-and-paper game system in which players need nothing more than a piece of paper, a pencil, a handful of six-sided dice, and their own imagination to play, although it is easily adaptable to be a tactical game, with miniatures and game maps (with or without a grid).

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Characters are defined by 6 Primary Physical Attributes (Defense, Melee, Ranged, Might, Handicraft, and Agility) and by 6 Primary Mental Attributes  (Readiness, Willpower, Charisma, Wisdom, Perception, and Stealth). The set is completed by 2 Secondary Attributes  (Health and Focus).

The Dice

The BlackSUN System involves the use of common six-sided dice  (d6) to solve those actions that can radically change the fate of the characters in an adventure, through what we call Attribute Checks. The game system is based on the dice pool, a mechanism in which Attribute Checks are carried out by rolling a number of d6s equal to the value of the attribute. For each die that is equal to or greater than 4, the player scores one Deed Point. For each die showing a 6, the player rolls one additional die.

The Turn-based System

The BlackSUN System also features an innovative turn-based combat system based on Action Points and an Action Bar. The complexity of the actions chosen not only determines the sequence of play for that Round, but the accumulated "fatigue" also has an impact in the next Round, offering an additional strategic element to fights which therefore become more exciting.