Kelios: the Prophecy


At the beginning of time, the Firstborns, the primeval Gods, lived in peace and harmony. The world was luxurious and inhabited by countless creatures

Poi un giorno, un evento catastrofico di immani proporzioni (tramandato nei secoli come The Harvest) wiped out almost every living being. A sudden cataclysm? A deadly pandemic? Or an apocalyptic war that pitted the Primeval Gods against each other? What really happened, we may never know.
It is certain, however, that Kelios, the Child God, the Eternal Splendor, survived.
With the intent of recreating the beauty of the world before the Harvest, Kelios first created the Primordials. The First Seeding was interesting, but far from the perfection it was trying to achieve. As if they were weeds, he began to eradicate the Primordials one by one from this world, to recycle them as ingredients and nourishment for new creations.
There was a Second Seeding . Six divine creatures were born, those that we still invoke today with the names of Camar, MithriosSilistraAnyiaFaahls and Xaos. For a long time, the gods lived in the Hanging Gardens in harmony and peace.
But one day, the twins Faahls and Xaos discovered that a Third Seeding was taking place, and that Heres. In preda a un raptus di rabbia o forse paura, Xaos attaccò Heres. Il primo fendente ferì la dèa Heres, ma non fu sufficiente a sradicarla. Xaos si avventò una seconda volta sulla dèa, ma uno strale di luce lo colpì in pieno petto. Xaos si accasciò per terra, ferito a morte dal proprio stesso padre.
Mithrios, Silistra and Anyia, overcome with fear, attacked then Kelios. But it was Camar who claimed his life.

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