Kelios: the Prophecy

Ancestral Bloodlines


The Lineage of Aman

One day, we shall land again in the glorious capital of Aman, reborn from the sands. We shall restore her temples to their former glory, reforge the golden ring and with it give new life to Amhan, our progenitor.

The Lineage of Glehadar

The mightier our prey, the greater our strength in killing it. The more ferocious, the braver we are to hunt it. The greater the challenge, the greater the honour to boast.

The Lineage of Ipha

Five are the chamaks, the blazes burning in all things. Creating, protecting, and destroying, they flow inside and around us, burning through our bodies in their purest form.

The Lineage of Nhar

Dark is their past, those who forged the Old Pillars to open rifts and swiftly reach any corner of our world. Their magic was boundless, dangerous, feared and hated.


The Runesingers

We are no minstrels or storytellers, poets, troubadours, or jesters. Through the runes we harness an immense power we struggle to contain ourselves. A power that seeks but a way out, to which our song is the key.

The Lorecarvers

We are tasked with preserving history, without censorship, omission, or rhetoric. We keep the chronicles; we are the last bulwark of history and will defend the legacy of the peoples and Ages to come.

The Depthcrawlers

They call us unworthy, look down to us with arrogance, as if we were not fit to be witnessed by their haughty eyes. We are the forsaken, the rejected, the ones to be ashamed of, but they have no idea of the power of our creations. For them, we are the dust-eaters, the dwellers of the dark, those who crawl in the dark. We are the Depthcrawlers, and proudly so.

The Shieldbreakers

We are the last line of defence, the last bulwark for the sentients of this world. Unbeknownst to them, we stand as the wardens of this world, staving off the end. We shall march into battle by the side of our Father Mithrios in the great plains for the Final Battle (Last Conflict), as it is foretold, and when our final sacrifice will come, we shall be ready to face it.


The Sybÿs kin

Their skin is purplish, at times blue or the colour of lead. I do not think these are the effects of the sea, rather their natural skin colour. Under the pale lights of my laboratory, their hair shines with soft ivory.

The Taevär kin

We have finally reached Valtameri, the City of Alabaster. Though many consider it to be but a figment of ancient legends, it is right there, before our eyes; the City of Alabaster, as its inhabitants, soars through the heavens, unchanged, translucent, transparent, and barely noticed by the untold masses below.

The Dedünar kin

We need not to shackle our spirits with blood and metal. Nature offers us everything and we give everything back to it. Our bodies are temples of the passing of seasons, our manes are shifting in colour as the tree canopies do.

The Embëryl kin

Have you ever had the feeling of not being sure whether you are awake or still sleeping? For too long we have been victims of this silent torpor. They won't come back. There is no prophecy. It is time to wake up and take control of our own destiny.


The Tribes of the Southern Seas

It is said that some of them never set foot on dry land, that they have never left their vessels and their realms are the endless southern seas. They are the raiders of the waves and when their flags soar the skies one better be at peace with one’s gods, for the reavers of the seas never leave survivors.

The Tribes of the Swamplands

The honour, prestige, and wedding of an orkmar depend on how many human heads they bring. However, they also are skilled wood craftsmen, carving mangrove trees to honour their ancestors, placate the spirits of the deads and bring harmony and inner strength to the community.

The Tribes of the Steppes of Sorrows

Nomads living in the remote lands of Orthug. In summertime, they seek fresh pastures for their herds, while during the winter months, when the fur of their prey is thicker, they hunt with their royal eagles, honouring an ancient tradition handed down from father to son since immemorial time.

The Tribes of the Asmaara deserts

Capable of surviving the unforgiving heat of the Asmaaran Desert, they are renowned traders and explorers with a refined cuisine who have survived cataclysms that led many other peoples to extinction.


The Ateshborn

We burn with ardour like wildfires, unstoppable, inevitable. Our eternal, divine essence is a testament to the greatness of our creator and, by extension, our very ancestry. Bound, but not broken.

The Irinborn

We were brought below decks with extreme ferocity, the steel of our shackles tearing at our wrists, ankles, and necks. They blinded us in the dark and we felt the pangs of hunger, to turn us into hopeless servants. We knew that the next starlit sky we would have witnessed was bound to be a different one.

The Aerisborn

They are free spirits and as such they do not accept any rigid rule, nor it is possible to harness their thinking with force. Like the rushing winds they ride, they are in constant motion, unpredictable. In the heart of Tyrse, in the ancient city temple of Mora, they embrace a life far from the rest of the world.

The Drysborn

Light-footed we walk on leaves, in a forest we now call home. The songs of our brethren echo in the trees and you, usurper, invader, destroyer of creation heed our laments. This song is for you, it is our hymn to life, a song of a victory to come. Come, come and face us. Our voice shall be the last you will hear.


The Åseral dynasty

Mighty warriors and skilled sailors, they inhabit the frozen lands of Norsk. A sense of honor and family are at the heart of their culture. Superstition and the fear of the supernatural are widespread among the population, rich or poor alike.

The Darakar dynasty

Generally small in stature, the Darakars have dark tobacco-colored skin and they pay particular attention to body decoration through tattoos. A society strongly guided by the will of the Solar Scribes (Sunwrights), who elect their regent, the Child Prophetess.

The Kami dynasty

With elegant and delicate features, they are considered by many to be the most beautiful and most graceful of all humans. Yet their warrior queen Utra Iyo-no-musume and her Sisterhood are the most feared warriors of the Wide Lands.

The Munih dynasty

Living in the Wide Lands, they are inquisitive and hardworking souls who cannot remain for long in the same place and spend much time studying and working the arts. They are skilled with words and have united the Central Fiefs under the great kingdom of Orynn through the noble art of diplomacy alone.