A dark past lurks behind the creation of our world and an ominous prophecy looms in our future.

Nobody can escape from their past. Not even the gods. The time will come when they have to face their fears, their remorse, their pain, and their faults. When the stars will streak the skies, the deities will be called to walk among us again, to sail the mighty waves of the seas, to harness the force of the wind, to subdue the everlasting fire. Only one will decide the fate of our world.”

Alaril, Seeker of Cosmos

KELIOS: the prophecy is an epic, fantasy, apocalyptic, mystical, ultimate, Fantageddon Tabletop Role Playing Game that features a simple and innovative gameplay (BlackSUN) and an original setting compatible with any fantasy RPG (DnD 5e, Pathfinder…)

It is heavily influenced by the ground-breaking epic fantasy works by Andrzej Sapkowski (the Witcher), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow an Bone), George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones), Sergej Luk’janenko (Night Watch), Tiziana Triana (Luna Nera).

It is a nod to the wonderful graphic novels’ world (Soleil Productions sagas) as well as at the fantasy animated television series (The Dragon Prince).

It also explores the ambivalent aspects of life and human morality, without the presumption of providing a clear-cut answer, playing around binary oppositional meta-narratives (male/female; self/other; sacred/profane; human/non-human), a cherished topic in Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces. 

NOTE: The KELIOS: the prophecy Quick Start will be available in English by the end of May 2022.

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KELIOS: the prophecy is designed to offer an original and immersive setting compatible with any fantasy RPG (DnD 5e, Pathfinder, Shadowrun…)

It takes place in an ancient fantasy world called “the Widelands”, set anew from the god Kelios after a catastrophic event known as The Harvest, which led to the extinction of almost all creatures.

In the Age of Heroes, twelve great powers are carving up the known world.

[more information about the 12 Realms will be available soon]

A dozen of unique and spectacular city maps are included in the KELIOS: the prophecy Corebook, suitable for any campaign, adventure, or encounter.

The Harvest

At the origins of time, the Primeval Gods lived in peace and harmony with each other. The world was once lush and inhabited by countless creatures.

Then one day, an event of massive proportion (passed down over the centuries as the Harvest) eradicated almost every living being form from earth. It is not clear what caused it, whether it was the consequence of a huge natural cataclysm, a contagious deadly disease or an apocalyptic war that pitted the Primeval Gods against each other.

We only know that Kelios was the only God that survived.

The Sowings

With the intent of recreating the beauty of the world that existed before the Harvest, Kelios created the Primordials. The work of the First Sowing was interesting, but far from the perfection it was trying to achieve.

Kelios created then six Gods Camar, Mithrios, Silistra, Anyia, Faahls and Xaos, it imprisoned its first creations, the Primordials, and used them as ingredients to craft the Gods themselves and nurture them.

But one day, the six Gods discovered the fruit of the Third Sowing, Heres, a perfect creature. In anger and fear Xaos tried to eradicate her, but he failed. He dealt the first blow, wounding her, but his arm was cut off by Kelios before he could strike again. The other Gods attacked Kelios to defend their brother and overwhelmed by their fear they killed him.

More than what you can imagine

The upcoming Kelios: the prophecy corebook features a selection of more than 24 playable ancestries, including humans, elfkins, orkmars, dwardurs, draconiars and the unusual primordials, imbued with fascinating detailed stories.

KELIOS: the prophecy is designed to offer an immersive, simple, and innovative gameplay system through the BlackSUN System.

Characters are defined by a set of 6 Physical Primary Attributes (Defense, Melee, Shooting, Might, Dexterity, Agility) and 6 Mental Primary Attributes (Quickness, Willpower, Charisma, Wisdom, Perception, Stealth) and by 2 Secondary Attributes (Health and Focus).

The game system is based on a d6 pool system, determined by the attributes stats, where the player counts the number of dice which roll higher than 4 as a success. When a 6 is shown on a rolled die, an extra die is rolled.

KELIOS: the prophecy is proposing an innovative turn-based system based on Action Points, where effort / actions management provides players the means to significantly impact the outcome of a quest.


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